Mecar is able to supply a completely modernized family of 105mm ammunition to support existing and future systems.

The new M1060A3 APFSDS-T round is able to defeat more than 500 mm of RHA at 2 kms, and provides 120mm like performance for the new generation of LAV based 105mm systems.

Mecar has been selected by the US Army to provide the 105mm HEP and HEP-TP rounds for the BCT Stryker vehicles. This is the first time in 15 years that a US Army ammunition contract has been place outside the US.

The M393A3 has been type classified by the US Army, and is in now in service. It is able to defeat the 8inch double-reinforced concrete wall and the US Army HEL bunker.

The M393A3 round is fitted with a new dual safety base detonating fuze, which complies with Mil-Std-1316 and Stanag 4187.

Mecar has developed a number of training rounds, including the M1057 TPFSDS-T round, which provides a ballistic match to any in service APFSDS-T round out to 2,000 metres, and has a range safety template of less than 10 kms. More than 30,000 rounds has been manufactured for NATO clients.

Mecar has redesigned the HEAT round to incorporate a dual safety fuze, which complies with Mil-Std-1316 and Stanag 4187. The fuze also features a graze switch.