Mecar has designed a family of mortar ammunition that can be used in the new generation of high pressure turreted mortars, such as the AMS and the AMOS.

With the direct fire fuze round, the Mecar 120mm Mortar Ammunition maximises the potential of the turreted mortars, allowing engagement of targets from 250 metres to over 9 kms.

In both direct fire and in in-direct fire, the precision of the ammunition is exceptional. Direct Fire 1000 metres < 0.35 mils Indirect Fire 9000 metres < 0.5% PER.

The ammunition has been extensively tested by the US Army, and has been safety certified, in the 120mm AMS system, in 1999.

The ammunition is also compatible with existing ground mounted low pressure mortars, and can provide a maximum range of 7.2 kms.