Mecar has been a world leader in Rifle Grenades for many years, thanks to the patented bullet trap design.

The current product range is designed for use with all NATO standard 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifles fitted with 22mm diameter flash hiders.

The rifle grenades are designed to provide fire support to ranges of 300 metres, and are equipped with simple ballistic sights which are adapted to the specific service weapon.

The product range consists of HE, HE-DP, HE-AP, ILL, SMK, CS and reusable training grenades.

The new M200 HE-DP grenade makes use of an innovative dual safety fuze combined with a high fragmentation and shaped charge warhead.

The M235 HE-AP grenade is fitted with a similar warhead, and uses a base mounted electronic dual safety fuze. It has been extensively tested by the UK Army